All classes are offered to individuals and small groups of people in my healing space in Woodstock, NY.  The space offers a positive, upbeat environment.  Classes are scheduled mornings, afternoons, or evenings all days of the week.  Options exist for you to schedule them at the most convenient time for you on a monthly, weekly, or occasional basis.  Some students prefer to take 5-6 classes over a weekend beginning on a Thursday or Friday evening.

Each class includes lecture, handouts, and an exchange in which the student both gives and receives a session.  Essential oils are used in each class whenever possible.


REFLEXOLOGY FOR THE SPIRIT is a certification course covering reflexology from basic through advanced levels.  You will receive a certificate upon completion of 200 class hours and 100 clinical hours.  Each class is 2 hours long.  You may choose from a selection of classes offered so that you can personalize your learning experience based on your interest, experience level, etc.  A textbook is offered for this course.

INTRODUCTION TO REFLEXOLOGY  FOR THE SPIRIT classes teach  the origins and historical development of reflexology.  Both the zones of the feet and the general anatomical body are charted on the feet.  You will learn basic reflexology techniques to include thumb walking, hand positions, warm ups, mapping and reading the feet as well as a complete basic treatment.  Goals, benefits and contradictions are taught.

INTERMEDIATE REFLEXOLOGY FOR THE SPIRIT classes teach an overview of the anatomical systems of the body to include the Immune System, Digestive System, Muscular System, Skeletal System, Respiratory System, Urinary System, Circulatory System, Endocrine System, Nervous System, Sensory Organs, and the Spiritual and Emotional Systems.  You will learn advanced  warm ups and become more familiar with the map of the feet.  You are taught how to incorporate this new information into a session.  You are taught to prepare case histories necessary for certification.  You become more aware of the healing process through Reflexology of the Spirit and how this process is charted.

ADVANCED REFLEXOLOGY FOR THE SPIRIT classes focus on the spiritual aspects of healing.  They cover specific spiritual diseases which reflexologists treat in the course of practicing Reflexology for the Spirit.  They also deal with the spiritual and emotional components of illness and disease in general.  You are taught more about the relevance of the hands, feet, and ears to a person’s spiritual self and learn about the link between a person’s spiritual state and his/her physical well-being.  The advanced classes address the concept of forgiveness in healing and how to use it.  These classes teach the student how to assume responsibility for one’s own healing and make the changes necessary to achieve one’s health goals.

ADVANCED REFLEXOLOGY FOR THE SPIRIT teaches hand reflexology.  You will learn the maps and reflex points necessary for a successful hand reflexology session.  You will learn which illnesses/issues are best worked with hand and/or ear reflexology.

ADVANCED REFLEXOLOGY FOR THE SPIRIT teaches ear reflexology.  You will learn the maps and reflex points necessary for a successful ear  session.  You will learn when and how to integrate hands, feet, and ears in your sessions.  

PAIN MANAGEMENT classes teach you how to help your clients  identify, describe, understand, and address the pain being experienced.  These classes will also teach you when it is best to use hand, foot, or ear reflexology for the most effective pain management.  You will construct a “Pain Management Booklet” which you can use for future reference when pain management is necessary.

REFLEX POINT classes teach you a large number of reflex points covering a wide range of specific locations reflecting the total anatomy on the foot.  These reflex points can be used in all reflexology sessions.  These points are important and will have much practical application throughout your career.

SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS classes introduces the concept that hands and feet reflect illnesses and issues being confronted by the client.

CHAKRA CLASSES AND CHAKRA BALANCING are taught.  You will learn chakra balancing techniques that are applicable in reflexology sessions.  You will learn basic information about chakras and how this information is adapted to hand and foot reflexology sessions.

METABOLIC REFLEXOLOGY classes teach choreographed sessions influencing the client’s body systems.  These classes are appropriate for either hand or foot reflexology techniques.

REFLEXOLOGY FOR A HEALTHY SPINE teaches you how to use both Reflexology for the Spirit and Reiki therapy to assist in restoring a client’s spinal health.

REFLEXOLOGY AND THE ANGELS teaches you to connect with Angels, Archangels, and Ascended Masters as you offer Reflexology for the Spirit sessions to clients.  You will learn guided meditations to use with the clients which assist in the healing process.  You will learn to be open to the assistance and guidance these special beings  offer you as you work.


HEALTH, WELLNESS, AND LONGEVITY classes focus on health lifestyle techniques in conjunction with Reflexology for the Spirit.  You will learn practical information about diet, vitamins, supplements, fitness, and wellness.


REIKI THERAPY, when reduced to its lowest common denominator, is laying-on-of-hands.  Reiki therapy is an energy used by the practitioner to offer healing and solace to anyone and anything.  This energy is not generated by the practitioner.  It is “called in” and travels through the practitioner to the recipient.  What is currently being taught is a modern version of an age old technique, discovered and developed by Dr. Mikao Usui in Japan in the early 20th century.  He developed it into a successful healing modality in Japan prior to World War II.  It was introduced into our country after World War II by a woman, Hawayo Takata.  For me, Reiki Therapy is one of the most practical things a person can learn.  It ranks right up there with balancing a bank account  and driving a car.  Reiki therapy can be used for everyday things like sleeping better at night, soothing hurt knees when children (and adults) fall, helping ease nausea, calming fraught nerves, and offering protection from scary traffic on city streets.  It can also be used for other things like helping an injured person at the scene of an accident before the ambulance arrives, helping people cope with the side effects of chemotherapy, and offering relief after surgery.

I first learned about Reiki at an animal communication seminar at Spring Farm CARES in Clinton, NY, which was being taught by Dawn Hayman.  I was the only person in the audience who was not a “Reiki Master Practitioner or Teacher”.  Not only was I not a Reiki Master, I was not a Reiki anything and had no clue what the word meant.  I did realize, however, that these people knew something that I didn’t and I wanted to know what it was.  When I returned to Virginia after this weekend communication class, I set about finding a Reiki teacher.  It took a while to find Mary Ruth Van Landingham because Reiki, at that time, was just peeking out from the underground&ldots;especially in Virginia…where even massage therapy was still pretty private.

I studied under Mary Ruth Van Landingham and became a Reiki Master Teacher and now practice and teach Usui Reiki, violet Flame Reiki, Lightarian Reiki, Gendai Reiki, Reiki Jin Kei Do, and Mari-El Reiki.

USUI REIKI I teaches a very gentle method of healing which can be used virtually anywhere because it required no special equipment or environment.  It can be offered to a person who is seated, standing, or laying down.  It has no contraindications so it is safe for everyone.  It can be used on people of all ages, plants, pets, cars, buildings, boats, etc.  Reiki I is also effective for self healing.

REIKI II provides healing beyond time and space.  It offers the practitioner more confidence in its use.  A series of symbols are taught to  Reiki II practitioners.  Reiki becomes, for some, a wonderful spiritual journey offering growth and opportunity along the path.  You may experience colors, scenes, events, when offering a Reiki session.

REIKI III practitioners receive an attunement which, I believe, strengthens the character and effectiveness of their healing practice.  The Reiki III practitioner becomes more comfortable with the power of the healing which Reiki offers and also benefits from an opportunity for personal growth along with the increase in the Reiki therapy energy.


CANINE MASSAGE THERAPY is an introductory class offered in 5 sessions.  These sessions teach a basic massage therapy routine to be used on dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, pigs, etc.  This technique is easy to learn and has few contraindications.  This class is loved by both pets and humans alike.  Each class lasts about an hour and is a wonderful investment for any pet owner.  Students learn to scan their pet’s body so they’ll be more informed of the state of their pet’s health from week to week.  An essential oil massage is offered at the last class.


TOTAL FOOT CARE is a series of classes open to everyone interested in learning more about the care of the foot.  You will learn about the causes, care of, and treatment of hammertoes, calluses, bunions, corns, blisters, warts, bone spurs, rashes, and foot pain.  You will learn how to care for foot injuries and when to contact a physical for medical care.   You will learn how the foot needs to be supported in everyday life to include shoes, exercises, soaks, and much more.