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Reflexology for the Spirit practitioners work to wake up the spiritual center.  This focus changes the  hands-on experience of the session.   The practitioner and client-partner work together to facilitate homeostasis – balance and peace – something many people need and seek.

The abdominal brain is in the intestinal tract.  It sends information to the cranial brain and nervous system.  When the cranial brain is troubled, it sends messages to the abdominal brain.  Likewise, when the abdominal brain is troubled, it sends messages to the cranial brain.

Reiki therapy is easy to learn and use.  Client partners love it.  There are no known contraindications for Reiki  therapy so it can be used on anyone at any time.

Reflexology for the Spirit sessions encourage homeostasis which brings changes to all systems.

These changes increase your client partner’s awareness of his/her body and how it feels and works when it is healing on several levels.   WOW!

Reflexology for the Spirit sessions, Reiki therapy and chakra healing are important to disease prevention and health maintenance.