But For Gabriel (E-Book)


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Almost everyone enjoys the Christmas holiday season, but many of us, myself included, never knew the meaning of the account of the birth of Jesus.  Several years ago, I found myself in the middle of the mystery of Christmas.  I set out to find the true, first Christmas story.

Celebrate and love your Christmas story  – however you find it. For many, this celebration is nothing more than the story of three wise men, a manger, and a baby.  This beautiful story leaves out much.

As I sought the whole story, I encountered Archangel Gabriel.  Followers in three faiths – Judaism, Islam, and Christianity rely on Archangel Gabriel’s communication skills to fulfill prophecies, explain concepts, and solve mysteries.

In the Bible, only a few pages are written about Gabriel.  Yet, he changed the world.  Each person Gabriel met on this journey underwent a personal transformation, bringing meaning to today.

Gabriel met people where they were in life, and in a few minutes and sentences, changed their lives.  To fulfill the prophecy of the birth of Jesus, Gabriel worked as a guide, a guardian, and a problem solver.

I hope, when you read this book, you will consider that on a night long ago, and far away, a miracle occurred.