Healers Handbook – Wellness For All (3rd Edition)




Wherever you go, if you’re healing yourself or caring for someone else, you are on a journey. This book is a ticket to your healing adventures.
“Wellness for All” adds a spiritual layer of personal care to every situation in your healing life.
This book enlightens and empowers you with information and insight you can use. The focus is on your health, healing, and wellness. This book gives you a boost to care for yourself and those important to you. “Wellness for All” explores:

• Helpful Lifestyle Changes
• Supportive Healing Concepts
• Healing Questions, Answers, and Explanations
• The Spirituality of your Body Systems and Chakras
• Spiritual Qualities Unique to Different Health Issues and Diseases

Acne – Alzheimer’s – Headaches – Menopause Multiple Sclerosis – Cancer – Stress – Diabetes – High Blood Pressure – Swollen Feet – Depression – Anxiety – Sciatica – PMS – Heart Problems – Kidney Infection – Shingles – Chickenpox – Mumps – Heel Spurs – Psoriasis – Warts – Sinusitis – Varicose Veins