Thank You for the Small Pains in the Pantry

I do need them, of course.  Each sore shoulder pain or back spasm that goes away after a while:  Thank you!

Thanks for the sneezing fits and scratchy throats I get every monthly delivery day.

The small pains remind me of all the pantry work that needs to be done every day.

When the small pains come around, they remind me that I need to pray for more volunteers.

The last time I had a sharp pain on delivery day, I caught myself praying in surprise.  And, guess what.  The entire Roberts family showed up to help.  It was just a miracle – that’s all.

And, one afternoon, I had a shoulder pain during the pantry shift and a volunteer stepped out of the line and helped us all that day.  And, he kept returning every week.

For me, these small pains are reminders that I should ask for help and be ready for it to show up!

What these pains mean is that I should also hold out hope for the coming miracles.

After all, miracles happened and I couldn’t hide from them.  I was in denial for the  longest time but, eventually, I had to face facts.  When I finally owned up to their reality, I saw they were special miracles for a food pantry.

Stigmata, relics, icons, and visions weren’t appropriate for the pantry.

Nobody controlled how or when they happened, only whether or not they were seen for what they were.  I wasn’t focused on the miracles because I was paying attention to lifting boxes, stocking shelves, filling out forms, driving to the dump with trash.

And so, Lord, I promise to try to ask for help when the pantry needs.

Meantime…thank you…and…AMEN

Thanks for reading this post!  It’s been a long time, hasn’t it?

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This post is a test post.  After 10 years! we’re moving on to better and more interesting celebrations about the spirituality which we all experience.

Just hope the Blog works!

Thanks again